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Partner Description:

UpEnergy is a social enterprise that aims to fight poverty, improve people’s health, and protect forests by making clean energy technologies available to more people in the developing world.

Founded in 2010, the organization works to increase access to clean cookstoves in Uganda, Rwanda and Central America. Additionally, it partners with technology manufactures and local partners on the ground to deliver water purification equipment and solar lights to underserved households at affordable prices.

Kiva loans are used to help UpEnergy expand distribution of its cookstoves through community-based organizations and retailers in Uganda. With this flexible, zero-interest capital, UpEnergy extends in-kind loans to organizations and retailers to purchase inventory for distribution in rural areas.

In Uganda, over 96% of rural households collect firewood for cooking and heating and use traditional three stone fires that are inefficient and extremely polluting. This dependency on wood for cooking fuel -- coupled with inefficient cooking methods -- has contributed significantly to respiratory disease and the country’s alarming deforestation rate. Between 1990 and 2005, Uganda has lost 26.3% of its forest cover, and has a current deforestation rate of over 2% per year.

UpEnergy’s impact:

UpEnergy sources cookstoves and provides in-country infrastructure for warehousing, sales, and distribution throughout Uganda via its local network. It develops strong partnerships with local retailers, community organizations, NGOs, and governments to promote distribution of its products.

UpEnergy currently sells 1,000 cookstoves per month, and projects distribution of 60,000 cookstoves per year by 2015. Along with cookstove acquisition and distribution, UpEnergy captures carbon credit revenues through each end-consumer’s use of the stove.

A client cooking beans on her new cookstove.

Carbon credit revenues enable UpEnergy to sell cookstoves at subsidized prices, even though the per-stove costs of manufacturing and materials, importation, warehousing, and transport can be up to three times the retail price. This makes clean cookstoves a more affordable and attractive option for the people who need them most.

Image courtesy of UpEnergy.

Repayment Performance on Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Start Date On Kiva Apr 10, 2013 Oct 12, 2005
Total Loans $46,975 $812,600,725
Amount of raised Inactive loans $0 $331,250
Number of raised Inactive loans 0 164
Amount of Paying Back Loans $35,250 $136,970,625
Number of Paying Back Loans 9 162,749
Amount of Ended Loans $11,725 $675,298,850
Number of Ended Loans 11 835,883
Delinquency Rate 4.15% 9.22%
Amount in Arrears $870 $8,347,011
Outstanding Portfolio $20,981 $90,516,775
Number of Loans Delinquent 1 32,945
Default Rate 0.00% 1.27%
Amount of Ended Loans Defaulted $0 $8,554,773
Amount of Ended Loans $11,725 $675,298,850
Number of Ended Loans Defaulted 0 22,689
Currency Exchange Loss Rate 0.85% 0.40%
Amount of Currency Exchange Loss $398 $3,290,899
Refund Rate 0.00% 0.65%
Amount of Refunded Loans $0 $5,261,375
Number of Refunded Loans 0 5,642

Loan Characteristics On Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Loans to Women Borrowers 20.00% 74.67%
Average Loan Size $2,349 $409
Average Individual Loan Size $2,349 $646
Average Group Loan Size $0 $1,818
Average number of borrowers per group 0 7.9
Average GDP per capita (PPP) in local country $1,800 $5,943
Average Loan Size / GDP per capita (PPP) 130.49% 6.89%
Average Time to Fund a Loan 7.38 days 6.79 days
Average Dollars Raised Per Day Per Loan $318.34 $60.30
  Average Loan Term 11.4 months 10.96 months

Journaling Performance on Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Total Journals 2 398,226
  Journaling Rate 18.18% 40.63%
  Average Number of Comments Per Journal 0.00 0.06
  Average Number of Recommendations Per Journal 0.00 1.39

Borrowing Cost Comparison (based on 2011 data)

    This Field Partner Median for MFI's in Country All Kiva Partners
  Average Cost to Borrower 0% APR 57.00% PY 28.61% PY
  Profitability (return on assets) -30.1% 4.5% -0.77%
  Average Loan Size (% of per capita income) N/A 61.00% 19.56%

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Field Partner Staff

Moses Amone
Nicole Ballin
Mark Mutaahi
Jesse Sekibombo