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Lend to a small business in New Orleans. Your loan supports Kiva New Orleans, a part of the Kiva City program.

What is Kiva New Orleans?

Kiva New Orleans is a part of Kiva City, a program where Kiva works with community organizations in the United States to provide local small businesses with microloans. Kiva New Orleans empowers the New Orleans community to champion local small businesses through Kiva. Lend to a New Orleans business or join the Kiva New Orleans lending team. To double your impact, your loan to a Kiva New Orleans borrower will be matched 1-to-1 by Keen.

Kiva New Orleans is a coalition of non-profits, including:

  • ASI Federal Credit Union, a not-for-profit financial cooperative that will work with the small businesses referred by Good Work Network, underwrite these microloans, analyze loans for risk, and administer approved loans. Read their Kiva partner page
  • Good Work Network, a local nonprofit that is leading the effort to recruit, prepare and support small businesses interested in receiving a microloan through Kiva New Orleans.

If you are local to New Orleans and would like to join the Good Work Network in supporting Kiva New Orleans, visit the Good Work Network website.

If you are local to New Orleans and would like to apply for a loan through this Kiva City program, visit the Good Work Network loan application.

To find out how your city can be the next Kiva City, check out the Kiva City page.

Kiva New Orleans is organized locally by Good Work Network, which reaches out to New Orleans small business owners and deepens the community engagement of New Orleans citizens.
Generation Louisiana, a business development and public relations consulting firm, works to engage the people of New Orleans interested in supporting local small businesses.
Part of the Kiva Visa partnership for U.S. Small Businesses
In May 2011, KEEN contributed $5 for every shoe sold on its website to the HybridLife Hope Fund. Now KEEN is using that Fund to match loans to Kiva entrepreneurs in New Orleans and around the US.