• Valerie
    A loan of $5,000 helps Valerie renovate our first retail store in the downtown Newark, NJ area an...

  • Linda
    A loan of $5,000 helps Linda keep Luxe Boutique open and growing into a viable, self-sustainable ...

  • Jae
    A loan of $5,000 helps Jae expand and improve our business operation.

  • Carey
    A loan of $5,000 helps Carey move forward and lease the commercial kitchen space we’ve identified...

  • Jimi
    A loan of $5,000 helps Jimi market my products to the world, which in turn will create awareness ...

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When you lend in Newark

You can make a difference in so many ways:

  • Support small businesses, which create 2 of every 3 new U.S. jobs.
  • Back employers who are more likely to hire people of color, women and vulnerable groups.
  • Jumpstart the local economy, strengthening schools, communities and social services that touch even more lives.

Small business owners and budding entrepreneurs are struggling to access the loans they need to start up and grow. They’re denied loans from conventional  lenders for any number of reasons: the amount they need is too small, their business is too young, their plan is too innovative, or their credit history is too short or damaged.

What they do have is the passion, plan and people in their community that know and trust them.  And now they have you. 

When small businesses do well, we all do well.

Kiva City Newark loans are sourced by Intersect Fund and Kiva Zip Trustees.
  1. Choose a borrower
    Browse hundreds of borrower profiles and find a story that connects with you.
  2. Make a loan
    Click ‘Lend’ to send money via our Field Partners, who vet, distribute and administer each loan.
  3. Get repaid
    Receive updates as the borrowers you support succeed and repay their loans.
  4. Repeat!
    When borrowers repay, that money is yours to keep, donate to Kiva or lend again to empower someone new!

About Kiva City

Newark joins Little Rock, Detroit, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and D.C. as part of the broader Kiva City program helping small business owners get the financing they need to grow and create jobs.

Kiva Cities are a partnership of local community groups, microfinance organizations and Kiva Zip Trustees working together to connect Kiva lenders to entrepreneurs that they know and trust in their communities.


Kiva Zip Trustees are technical assistance providers, community organizations, and individuals committed to supporting social good and job growth through entrepreneurship. With their help, small business owners can access interest-free crowdfunded loans through Kiva Zip. In Newark, our trustees includethe Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation, Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Rising Tide Capital, and Jalima & Associates. 

The Intersect Fund is a rapidly growing, nonprofit microlender that equips the least fortunate with the skills and capital to develop successful businesses, generate income and build assets. Conceived in a dorm room and started with just $1,000 in seed capital, The Intersect Fund disbursed its first loan in 2009 and has subsequently made more than 300 loans to small business owners. The Intersect Fund has also helped more than 1,000 entrepreneurs register their businesses, manage cash flow, find new customers and develop marketing strategies.

The Rita Allen Foundation invests in transformative ideas in their earliest stages to leverage their growth and promote breakthrough solutions to significant problems. Established in 1953, it is based in Princeton, New Jersey, and has provided major grants to more than 100 biomedical Scholars, many of whom have made important advances with their research. The Foundation's areas of active investment now include promoting civic literacy and engagement, building stronger communities, and supporting young leaders in the sciences and social innovation.