• Steven
    A loan of $3,000 helps Steven get fuel, maintenance, and equipment to operate our vehicles for ou...

  • Melissa
    A loan of $5,000 helps Melissa to buy a larger truck that will service more customers and communi...

  • Angela
    A loan of $10,000 helps Angela purchase basic kitchen equipment for a licensed commercial kitchen...

  • Latrisa
    A loan of $10,000 helps Latrisa buy more supplies and important essentials that my business needs...

Lend in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a diverse city of great opportunity and culture. But for many Milwaukee entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own businesses, options for accessing capital are limited. They are among the vast number of financially excluded individuals in the U.S. who are stuck in low-wage jobs and unable to launch or grow their businesses. The region needs more capital to create new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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About Kiva Cities

The Kiva Cities are groundbreaking programs that help small business owners get the financing they need to grow and create jobs. Through Kiva Zip, we enable underserved, financially excluded entrepreneurs to crowdfund 0% interest loans from Kiva’s global lender community. In this unprecedented model, borrowers' creditworthiness is measured by their social capital and trust network, not their credit history, cash flow or collateral.

Kiva Cities are a partnership of local government, community groups, microfinance organizations, and Kiva Zip Trustees working together to connect Kiva lenders to entrepreneurs that they know and trust in their communities.

To learn more about Kiva City Milwaukee, or explore becoming a borrower or trustee, please contact Linh Nguyen at linh.nguyen@fellows.kiva.org.


The Isabel & Alfred Bader Fund, a Bader Philanthropy

The Isabel & Alfred Bader Fund, a Bader Philanthropy, works to create a stronger Milwaukee and a more equitable world. The Fund’s Workforce Development program area connects and supports partners that address employment gaps for struggling Milwaukee families, through skills training, job creation, and neighborhood-level approaches.

City of Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee’s 2014 economic development plan, “Growing Prosperity,” prioritizes activities that support the growth of local companies, and the formation and nurturing of businesses that deliver goods and services to underserved neighborhoods.  City government is especially enthused about the role that Kiva Zip lending can play in supporting local entrepreneurs.  Our Kiva Cities partnership raises the profile of small businesses, creates a new source of capital, and provides Milwaukee residents and organizations with an easy way to invest in local firms.  We are proud to sponsor and support Kiva City Milwaukee.

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

For a century, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation has helped individuals, families and organizations realize their philanthropic goals and make a difference in the community, during their lifetimes and for future generations. The Foundation deploys both human and financial resources to address the most critical needs of the community and ensure the vitality of the region. Through the generosity of its donors, the Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life in greater Milwaukee by strengthening education, increasing economic opportunities and building strong neighborhoods, all while promoting racial equity and inclusion. By forging partnerships, inspiring philanthropy and transforming challenge into opportunity, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation is an engine for positive change.

Northwestern Mutual Foundation

The mission of the Northwestern Mutual Foundation is to improve the lives of children and families in need. The Foundation has given nearly $270 million since its inception in 1992 and is designed to create lasting impact in the communities where the company's employees and financial representatives live and work. We accomplish this by combining financial support, volunteerism, thought leadership and convening community partners to deliver the best outcomes. Our efforts are focused nationally on curing childhood cancer, and locally on education, neighborhoods and making our hometown of Milwaukee a great destination. Northwestern Mutual Foundation is proud to support Kiva City Milwaukee and their efforts to directly assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Amani, Metcalfe Park and Muskego Way neighborhoods.

Zilber Family Foundation

Formed in 1961, the Zilber Family Foundation is a private independent grantmaking institution dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals, families, and neighborhoods, with a primary emphasis on the City of Milwaukee.  In 2008, the Foundation announced a 10-year commitment to improve the quality of life in Milwaukee neighborhoods. The Foundation supports improvement efforts in five central city neighborhoods, including: Lindsay Heights, Clarke Square, Layton Park, Burnham Park, and Silver City with grants for staff, operating expenses, organizing and planning, technical assistance, and project implementation. Since 2008 it has awarded approximately $23 million to community groups and other nonprofit organizations for these purposes.  For more information, visit:www.zilberfamilyfoundation.org.    

William G. and Christie A. Krugler


Baird is an employee-owned, financial services firm with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. Established in 1919, Baird has more than 3,100 associates serving the needs of individual, corporate, institutional and municipal clients. Committed to being a great place to work, Baird ranked No. 9 on FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2014. For more information, please visit Baird’s Web site at www.rwbaird.com

Matthew Messinger


Kiva City Milwaukee is a collaboration between the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) and Kiva.

Loan Matching Providers

George A. Mosher

The Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

The Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) serves Milwaukee businesses by providing low-interest loans. Our approach is unique in that we share the risk with all participants in a project, lend in partnership with a bank, and lend funds at a higher risk level in order to increase the feasibility of a project. Our goal is to give businesses the financial resources they need to grow, while facilitating business investment that will benefit Milwaukee through new employment opportunities, job retention, and neighborhood stabilization. Our support for Kiva Zip to provide matching loans at 0% interest to underserved businesses in the area aligns directly with this mission.

George A. Mosher