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Zamora, Ecuador
Trapeze Artist
I loan because:
I hang around all day waiting to make someone smile. Swinging from trees is hard work but it has its rewards too. Living in the rain forest you learn quickly that you need to help each other. If you have an extra banana - share it (it is only going to turn black !). Some days you help others and other days they help you. So like we say in Zamora "share a banana make a friend". Everything is better in Zamora especially if you help a friend!!
About me:
Not much to tell. I come from a long line of primates and have always lived in the jungle. I am a simple monkey who has always tried to share with others and be responsible for myself. I don’t like politics. I don’t care for fancy stuff. I love bananas and smiles. I love sunrises and summer rains. I love swinging in trees and did I mention I really love bananas.
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Sep 11, 2009
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