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Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
Product Manager - Software Development
I loan because:
...the currently established forms of capital injection don't seem to work en masse. Having worked in start-up businesses my entire professional career I have been told that it isn't about the idea - that anyone can have an idea - but it's about how to deliver it. Actually making that idea a viable business is the challenge, and where the accomplishment lies. Not all good ideas are commercially viable, and will not ever be able to deliver the rates of return wanted by venture capital, and other such seed funding initiatives. If you are never given the opportunity to find out what you can do, then how does anything ever become more than just an idea? The beauty of micro-finance is that the cost to each lender is so low that you can start to risk betting on the idea, and let the person find out if they can actually bring their idea to life.
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Dec 28, 2012
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