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London, United Kingdom
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Staffa is a new kind of Social Business. Modelled on the ideas of Professor Mohammad Yunus, the purpose of Staffa is to be a conduit through which extreme levels of wealth will flow to sustainable social causes. Kiva allows Staffa to take the value we create, which is income and revenue, then reuse that value to create more value by investing through this marvellous site. Every Dollar invested will be returned to the investment fund and re-invested, therefore multiplying the value that this individual Dollar has created. We will build a never ending fund that will be continuously used to support the beautiful people that come to Kiva for assistance. We are blessed to be able to contribute and humbly give thanks for this opportunity. Stephen Soos
About me:
Social Entrepreneur, family man, innovator, adventurer. Believer in the human spirit. Stephen Soos
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May 24, 2014
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