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Liberty, MO, United States
College Leadership Class
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We are twenty-nine college students in the Pryor Leadership Program at William Jewell College. In 2007, we decided to help entrepreneurs around the world with microloans. Partnering with Kiva, we developed a semester-long fundraising and awareness campaign. The money raised has reached and will continue to reach entrepreneurs for years to come. Their success is the lasting legacy of our project. A special thanks to everyone who supported the project. Without their help, we would not have reached our goals. This is as much their legacy as it is ours.
About me:
The Pryor Leadership Studies Program is internationally-recognized and one of the top leadership programs in the nation. The Pryor program is a 3-year program which complements any major and prepares students to be leaders in their workplace and community. The last stage in the Pryor program is a semester long Legacy Project that contributes to the local, regional, or international community. William Jewell College is a campus of achievement that promises to offer students an outstanding liberal arts education with a focus on cultivating leadership, service and spiritual growth within a community inspired by rigorous intellectual challenges and Christian ideals.
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Mar 27, 2007
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