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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Corporate sponsorship
I loan because:
I think it's important to give a hand up, particularly to other women (and other parents), whenever we can. It's only by sheer, dumb luck that my family was born where we were and have had some of the opportunities that we have. It's our responsibility to share that good fortune as much as we can. Since we started this in 2007, my daughter, Hayden, has helped me choose who we loan money to. She favours mums with kids in primary school and shorter loan terms, so we can relend faster (smart kid!). She is developing a social conscience at a very early age!
About me:
I work in corporate sponsorship. I assist companies to make good decisions about how to spend their money. I also write books and teach companies how to spend their sponsorship money wisely, as well as teaching organisations how to raise money.
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Aug 28, 2007
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