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in the Jungle, Vanuatu
website magician
I loan because:
I like that in Kiva money circulates and helps many people over and over again. I have committed to "1 loan a day" plan and have stuck with it since 1/1/10 hoping one day to turn this into a life-changing self-sustaining perpetually-lending money circulation machine. 19/10/11 update: It just hit me that I am lending at a rate of 2+loans per day (70+/month). Seems I need to raise the plank and turn it into 3 loans/day by the start of 2012. I will also hit 1000 loans mark right about that time too so it will be a major milestone. Also with now a little of $6k in the account, I made $20k worth of loans. If anyone else needs convincing of the magic of Kiva, I don't know what else to say. 1/1/11 update: This has turned into a life-changing self-sustaining perpetually-lending money circulation machine much sooner than I thought! As of the start of this year I do not need to put in any more money into kiva and with the balance of only $5600 I relend my repayments at a rate of just over 1 loan a day. Yeepeee!! Next goal for the end of 2011 (taking advantage of the "estimated repayment" stats page) to have enough money in kiva so that estimated repayments over the next 3 months total my minimum living expenses (aka "rainy day fund"). So instead of the fat banks getting even fatter off my savings Kiva entrepreneurs can put food on their family's tables. Yeehaa!
About me:
work? what work?.. I run a web design company for a couple of hours a day and the rest of the time I cook, read, garden, hang out and do nothing - life is paradise!
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Dec 29, 2009
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