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Maidstone, United Kingdom
Entrepeneur / Marketing
I loan because:
I feel a strong need to try and help out people less fortunate than myself. Whilst I don't really have the money to give a lot to charity, I do what I can and think Kiva is an excellent way to help out people in poorer / less developed countries. I really have to give a lot of praise to Kiva, as they have thought of a way to essentially 'give' without even having to give at all, as the aim is to have any monies borrowed ultimately paid back. I look forward to regularly seeking out worthy opportunities on Kiva to loan money , which I intend to do more as as my own businesses (eCommerce focusing on furniture such as radiators and plumbing equipment) continue to grow.
About me:
I work with the internet for an employer advising the business to try and generate more trade. I also work with the layout and design of websites so that once a visitor has found it they can then navigate their way around easily and find products they like. All of this is done with the aim of increasing their trade with our business. However I am also starting my own business like many people on Kiva, one such business sells radiator covers, and I have a range of other specialist businesses in the pipeline.
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Mar 14, 2011
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