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portus, baden-württemberg, Germany
warehouseman by day, social investor by night...
I loan because:
i want to make a difference, wanna see the money go to real people, real (smiling =;-)) faces. it's a way for me to bridge cultures, lifestyles + religion. . . . i committed myself to granting at least one microloan a month through kiva. this commitment was made on the 4th of july, 2009, upon granting my first microloan to amanullah maqsood in afghanistan.
About me:
unloading containers, trucks + trailers the whole day. it pays the cost of living but otherwise it's a pretty senseless thing to do... so i need something to balance it out which brings me here... drowning islands like the carterets, earthquakes like in haiti and mudslides like on madeira or in the cuzco region (aguas calientes) in peru raise the question for me: what am i doing here? where's the sense in that? what can i do to make the world a better place? part of the answer lies here... in response to "the case of the faceless lender" i changed my avatar from cool rabbid to the actual one... it's from december 2006, but then i haven't changed that much... i also added my first name (matthias) just in case "my" borrowers might be curious... =8-) you all are great people in my book! knowing that you exist makes my life worth living...! keep on fulfilling your dreams!
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Jun 19, 2009
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