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Hi Everyone. This is a memorial fund for the sweet, wonderful, and amazing person Mariana Fraga or simply 'Mari'. She was an amazing person, a wonderful classmate, a great friend, a loving wife, and so many more great things. As you can see from the picture, she loved food as well as she loved life. I think more can be said here and I encourage all her friends and family to send their thoughts and memories to add here to show the world that Mariana was THE BEST person I ever knew. We will all miss her deeply, and hopefully her memory can live on strongly by using Kiva to give to others. Mari loved Brazil and did a lot of translations for Mozambique so loans will be chosen to organizations/people there. She also was very thoughtful about gender equality, and I think any projects which help women achieve the equality they deserve would also be in the spirit of her will. WeI started the fund out with $25, but will soon be adding more and hope you find it in your hearts to give as well. *Update: The fund is now made non-withdrawable status in the spirit of it being a memorial fund. Also, I have been asking Kiva to work harder on getting partners in Brazil, but it seems that it is going to take a bit of time (1 year+) so probably this fund will loan to Mozambique and other Latin American countries in the mean time. The loans will go predominantly to female entrepreneurs.
About me:
Asides from working and graduating with high honors from San Francisco State University, Mariana also volunteered as a translator at Kiva and has done hundreds of translations. Here is a poem written by Mariana that her loving husband Joe shared with us: Perky I have this image in my head This really perky girl "Whee!" She is always smiling "Yeah, I am good with anything" She is patient and always answers even the most stupid questions "I think if it's red you should not park there" She always has a positive attitude "But, hey, on the bright side..." She doesn't mind if people misinterpret facts "Well, that's not what I said, but I see why she would say that..." She doesn't mind if everyone is late, or if they never come "Oh, no worries, I know you guys are busy..." She never speaks ill of anyone "Well, you have to try to put yourself in her shoes..." So I try to be that way. But sometimes it's really fucking hard.
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May 22, 2008
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