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Queens, NY, United States
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Growing up in St.Vincent West Indies, I was always curious about how the movies I would see in theaters were made. After arriving in the United States over 30 years ago, I first began as a wedding photographer’s assistant after attending my first wedding in 1990. I learned how to create emotions through a lens in the 4 stages of a wedding, home, church, park, and reception. Always evolving, my passion for shooting, lead to me enrolling into media arts by attending School Of Visual Arts where I got my degree in filmmaking in 2003. By working my way through the entertainment business I gain real world experience how to make my own short films. YES!!!, through school and life experiences, I now knew how those movies I saw as a boy were made. I created KMPearl Productions in 2004 because my passion for bring something to life and sharing with the world grew as I wrote, directed, and edited my own projects beginning in 2006. I fully realized my motivation for shooting empathy stories comes from my many years as a wedding photographer. One of the reasons audiences enjoy my stories is because of their subject matter, dramatic and spiritual…films you can experience together as a family. When I am not shooting a film, I would shoot for others who has need of my services. As a an independent filmmaker, one of the best tools you can have at your immediate disposal are great lenses. To rent them at times takes 2 days to ship out, and requires taking out a million dollar insurance policy. Often our company would get a call for a shoot that has to be done the next day. I would like to continue to produce great looking projects not only for myself, but for anyone by having immediate access to great quality lenses.
About me:
I am a New York-based filmmaker, photographer, writer and director with over ten years of media experience. Recently credited as the writer, director & producer of the short film “ In The Balance” which is based on the highly controversial topic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I began my professional career working as a Data Entry Supervisor for Chase Bank and after 15 years decided to follow my spiritual and artistic passion by earning a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from New York’s School of Visual Arts. Among my many industry credits are “BET’s Rip The Runway”, “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Single Hills”, “Women Do It Better”, “Unidentified” as well as principal photography and videography for Marcus Samuelsson of Harlem’s premiere restaurant, The Red Rooster. I believe myself distinguished among modern videographers and filmmakers by two signature characteristics: (1) my spiritually infused passion for great films and (2) my unparalleled background that combines corporate professionalism with visual creativity. Works of great spiritual infused beauty such as, “The Green Mile”, “Powder”, Forrest Gump, and “Far from Home” are works that have most influenced and touched him as an artist.
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Feb 1, 2017
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