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So you're stating if I increase to Maddie right now and also she fidgets around me, she likes me. It's exactly what I'm stating. All right. I'm gon na give it a try. Hey, um, do you like spoons? I such as spoon. Spoons are excellent. Create you recognize, even more than my tummy switch. It's right below. You wan na see it? You wan na see it right here it is. Oh, you saw it at the shopping mall. Yeah. When I'm stating it makes me special, I do not recognize why it makes me unique, but it just. Does. Oh, wow. She fidgeted. It looks like I did. Excellent. Excellent task, pal. Hey, Maddie. Um, I remember you claiming something regarding doing well in this next test. Intend to come by to my area and research study later on? Really, I was thinking even more of like, you could do the study overview and afterwards send it to me. Uh, yeah. Wait, does that mean I can get your number? Sure. That's an offer. I'm down for that. All right. Trendy. Bring it in. Yes. Hello there? Oh, Hey. Hey, Maddie. Um, I was just asking yourself if you intended to hang around tomorrow. Oh God. Uh, hectic tomorrow, however what concerning the following day still hectic? Um, Wednesday. What about Wednesday of following week? Wednesday got this point is anything. Open this month, next month actually reserved the entire month. Anything you're performing in the following year? Yeah. That's not looking also good either. Okay. Okay. All right. Thanks. Bye. Bye. She's possibly playing hard to obtain butt.
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