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Mesa, AZ, United States
teachers aid and medical technician
I loan because:
Honesty, Fairness and Understanding are most important parts of life. After reading “Giving”, a book by Bill Clinton, we decided to become involved. Tarina Brooke Knapp Foundation and Scholarships for Children 915267 support education, scholarships, funding and working to reach personal goals. offers impressive opportunities, in agreement with the basic goals of TBK foundation, for people to better themselves, grow, and advance as individuals or groups of individuals to achieve awareness, fulfillment and better understanding through realization of goals reached. We are providing funding for small business and education for a better way of life. Thank you Father. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus Christ
About me:
With many, many years in customer service I retired from UBS moving to Scholarships for Children full-time as volunteer teachers’ aid distributing water and food to the homeless throughout the valley doing whatever they need including travel to Tucson whenever possible. The recipients of the blood collected from volunteer blood donors, the patients, are very important, they need the blood and they make my work and study worth the effort and the time, long hours, working with wonderful people all over Arizona. I am also a platelet donor and a long time blood donor. Donating blood is good for you, good for your body & good for your community. Donating blood is volunteer work. If you have a resume listing your work history be sure to include your blood donation effort in detail on your resume under community service. Donating blood every eight weeks to help in your community is a splendid service and a tremendously rewarding experience.
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Jan 16, 2008
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