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Sugar Land, TX, United States
Real Estate Agent
I loan because:
I'd love to help the poor directly. It helps me see how they benefit quicker instead of going to an impersonal bank or greedy money lender. My passion is to help kids and teenagers learn a vocational trade so that they can be set for life. I believe that no kid around the world should suffer for any reason. Kids are supposed to enjoy their childhood and have a full life, have fond memories of their childhood, not of pain, lack, and hunger. That is the worst memory anyone can have growing up. Helping poor parents will ensure each of their kids will have a happy life. Even if I can help change one family's future for the better, that will be my reward.
About me:
I was born in Pondicherry, South India. I love helping people get ahead in life. Visit my Graphic Design I hope to work with you, as a portion of my earnings will go to help the less fortunate across the world.
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Mar 31, 2010
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