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IT guy, counselor, general feudal serf. :-)
I loan because:
I try to assist others before I ask others to do so on my behalf.
About me:
I'm a guy with "many hats", ranging from international photographer, to IT systems administration & instrument technician for a world-class research organization, a counselor for students and staff alike in a university-based college, a handyman/gardener/cook/driver for the sick and injured, a carer for homeless animals, and a friend to a handful of people who have literally no one else. That said, I have my limitations, "chocolate is not a food it's a way of life", and like many, I can be a little too insensitive to subtlety. In short, just tell me what I need to know, make it clear why it's important, and forgive me for my need to make fun of the inherent stupidity in life. That's my coping mechanism for much of what I face, and has enabled me to deal with some really serious issues.
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May 16, 2017
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