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Dallas, Texas, United States
I loan because:
As business owners we loan to empower others to follow the same path we have in situations more challenging than ours. Sustainable local economies address poverty issues at their base. We are inspired by the strength of the human spirit of the people we have the privilege to lend to here. They lead their communities into a better economy and lift themselves and others out of poverty. This strength in such adverse conditions is something we stand in awe of. We are humbled by it.
About me:
We have a retail business selling wind chimes made in America. Starting in 2014 we will be cycling 100% of our profits through at least 1 Kiva loan cycle before taking it. We are reaching out and challenging other businesses to do the same. Delay profit for 7-8 months and lose/donate ~1% in loans not paid. We are a small business and have been operational since 2005.
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Jul 11, 2013
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