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Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
A ray of sunshine
I loan because:
Money is like water, it has to flow somewhere. I also like the idea of a hand up rather than a hand out. I also like to think I have been lucky in my life and Kiva is good karma. I believe in the threefold rule, where you get back at least three times whatever you put out there. I made it to 71 loans on Kiva, helping folks in various countries around the world to make something of their lives through entrepreneurship. The neat thing is that I only put in enough funds for 8 loans, but as they repay the loans I get to re-loan it again and again. If I had donated the money it would have been the end of it, but in this case it is unending. I get to make a positive difference again and again. If my kids were still young, I would have got them involved as it teaches them stuff like geography, lending, finance etc.
About me:
I have worked for various companies. I am looking for my next big challenge. In the mean time I like to kayak and hike and take photos and write. I like to do carpentry, so a lot of my loans are to carpenters.
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Oct 29, 2009
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