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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Tea Brand
I loan because:
Everyone deserves their chance to create the life of their dreams.
About me:
De Oliveira Tea House is not just about tea. We are a business that cares deeply about helping others improve their situation and having access to opportunities to do this. De Oliveira Tea House was created in memory of an incredible man by the name of Eugene de Oliveira. Eugene was one in a million. A beautiful, intelligent, creative and warm hearted man that lit up any room he was in. He was an instant friend to many and had a wealth of knowledge that meant you would always be learning something new. Forever dreaming, he had so many schemes up his sleeve that it was enough to keep someone busy for a lifetime. Our family tragically lost Eugene, but in his memory, we have made helping others through Kiva a cornerstone of our business. Thank you to all of our customer's who make this possible.
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Apr 19, 2019
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