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I am a handyman for four years. My apartment or condo real estate society is self-sufficient. I am leaving an imagine "Joy". All my life I thought happiness comes from working 9 to 5 jobs while doing the day-to-day tasks on my own, leaving me exhausted and disappointed by the end of the day. The frustration originates from unable to do all the jobs routinely and neatly. Now that I am geared up with modern tools like torque wrenches, absolutely nothing can stop me from doing other family jobs in my spare time like repairing my vehicle. I wish to upcycle my old furnishings and prepare my study room for a total shift to a trendy café design look and ambiance. My kitchen sink is on an edge of a breakdown. Every time I throw a meal in it, it shakes like rock music. The shaking of the sink is triggering a leakage at the bottom of the pipe where a 'T-Joint' lies. I have actually already tried my know-how by connecting a cloth around the joint, however I am sure water will discover its way through it eventually. I know, I have a lot of downtime now, however I am unsure if I can do these tasks professionally without a '3 8 doppenset' from 'forcetools-kepmar. eu.'.
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Jul 22, 2021
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