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San Francisco, CA, United States
I loan because:
In one word, I'd say to empower. My goal is for my lending to empower borrowers to achieve their potential and overcome some of the obstacles that life has thrown their way. I have seen firsthand how handouts can sometimes generate false incentives. Not only does lending increase the distance my capital can go, but it also empowers those who already have initiatives to achieve their preconceived goals. I have also seen firsthand how Kiva's local field partners provide support and advice to borrowers, allowing me to rest assured that regardless of our geographical or cultural distance, my loans are contributing to local solutions for local problems.
About me:
Now California-based, I have lived in six countries (including two as a Kiva Fellow! The Dominican Republic and Guatemala). Having studied and worked in International Development for many years, I am confident in Kiva's ability to ensure that lenders' capital goes as far as possible. Kiva's field partners are much more than middlemen – they provide a wealth of services in addition to the loans you contribute to through By lending through, you’re not only helping marginalized borrowers access capital they otherwise couldn’t, but you’re also supporting the comprehensive poverty alleviation services provided by these institutions to their clients.
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Sep 1, 2011
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