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Leeuwarden, Netherlands
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Because a friend told me about this website a while ago and I must admit I was at first sceptical but figured to give it a go at (only) $25,-. Even though I haven't done that many loans yet it's a great feeling my $25,- make a difference somewhere. I read about how people all over the world have business ideas and can make them succesfull with only a little bit of money, some of the ideas I've read are absolutely fantastic.
About me:
My business is specialized in horse products, this means Scipita mostly focusses on charities that involve horses. We donate reguarly to charities that work towards better circumstances for horses. Though Kiva has not much todo with horses persee it is involved in the countries where my charities are active aswell. Realising this is a stretch but when things go well economic wise in a country, animals and horses will benefit from it as well.
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Sep 2, 2009
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