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Cahuita, Limon, Costa Rica
Ethic World Social Welfare System supporter
I loan because:
I loan for Ethic Businesses athough Kiva as i should pay World Social Welfare Tax. I can't believe it is still not exist. Let's do something about it here: We should vote our money for Ethic Business and don't give to unethic. It's personal chance and responsibility to change world trends. I would prefer: Raw, Organic food growers, Wouldn't loan: I love animals, but not for meat, so wouldn't loan for animal growers. See film "Earthlings" Join group, if you liked idea of Kiva as a Charity or prefer supporting Ethic Businesses. If you like to coorelate with me or other like-minded people, You should like this page: (my nick EthicRanger) or
About me:
Please, Separate Ethic Businesses from Unethic. We can stop businesses like Soda drinks, if we think : HOW we earn (cooperate for earning) WHERE we spend (what we promote)
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Dec 6, 2009
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