A loan of $2,750 helped a member to build a place to keep pigs, to buy a bull, and to buy a calf.

Rossette's Group's story

Rosette O. has a dairy business and is currently branching out into pig farming. 5 years ago, Rosette had 4 local cows, but they were not producing milk that would earn a good profit. So, Rosette sold those cows and bought 2 Heifers. After some time, she took those female cows to be impregnated. She says that in Uganda, you can use in-vitro fertilization or you can just take your female to a place where there are males and leave them for some time.

Now, she has the two original cows, plus three young female ones that are not yet old enough to produce milk. The cows that are producing milk, produce between 5 and 8 liters per day. After she milks them, there is a man who comes and purchases the milk for between 400 – 500 USH per liter. Rosette wants to purchase a male cow so that she will no longer have to pay the fee associated with getting her cows pregnant. She also wants to buy a few more calves, rather than waiting for her cows to give birth again. She will use a portion of her 2 mil UGH loan to do these things.

Recently, Rosette has noticed that there is a large demand for the products of pig farming so she has decided to branch out into that. She started by purchasing two pigs, and one is now pregnant! But, she does not yet have a formal place to keep her pigs. She is planning to use a large portion of her loan to build a pig pen on her farm.

Rosette is a single mother of six children. Her children range from 9 to 18. The father of her children left her years ago, and then recently passed away. Before he passed away, he was helping her to pay school fees for the children, but now that he has passed away it is up to her alone.

She says that as her children age, it is very important to be able to meet their needs. She says that if you are unable to meet their needs, they will go looking for other ways to get what they want. As her first-born is a girl who is now 18, she is particularly worried about meeting her daughter’s needs.

In this group: Rossette, Lawrence, Speciaza, Bena, Aliziki, Jane, Betty

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