A loan helped to invest in a 6 m3 Sistema Biobolsa biodigester.

Lorenzo's story

Lorenzo is a typical small dairy farmer, who owns a few cows and lives from selling their milk. He also produces their forage by cultivating corn in a field close to his house, for which he used to buy expensive chemical fertilizers, in addition to the costly LP gas for the house. He made the decision to purchase a biodigester in order to take advantage of a free and widely available resource on his farm: his cows' manure. The natural methanization process taking place inside the biodigester will produce enough biogas to cook and heat water in the house, as well as nutrient-rich organic fertilizer to increase the yield of his corn field in a sustainable way. As Lorenzo will shift to an efficient and cost-effective way of producing his own energy and fertilizer, he will reduce the operational costs of his farm, protect the environment and improve his family's quality of life. Indeed, treating his animal's manure will lead to the elimination of flies and bad smells it used to attract and eliminate the production of greenhouse gases. With his savings, Lorenzo plans to expand his milk production by buying additional cows and investing in a milking machine.

This loan represents 20% of the total cost of the biodigester, the remaining part is covered by a government subsidy.

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