A loan of $4,700 helped a member buy animals, rice, sugar, sweets, firewood, clothing, and grains.

Iris Lanao Group's story

The Iris Lanao Village Bank (named for FINCA’s Executive Director) is maD. up of 23 members, who are beginning their fourth loan cycle. All of the group members are from the Chiara District, located one hour outsiD. of the city of Ayacucho. Most of the local community members are farmers or raise animals. The group members are involved in a variety of different business activities. Some sell dry goods, small animals, food, sweets, grains, or firewood, while others are farmers.

Gabriela is 33 years old and married with two children. Gabriela has a store where she sells dry goods and vegetables. She also grows corn and potatoes, which she sells in the markets in the city of Ayacucho. Rosa is 36 years old and married with six children. Rosa has a store in the Kishuar community, located 30 minutes outsiD. of Chiara. She also farms and raises animals. Luzmila is 26 years old and lives with her partner and their three children. Luzmila raises guinea pigs (a Peruvian delicacy) and also buys guinea pigs from other farmers, selling them in the city of Ayacucho.

The group members are requesting different loan amounts, like 300 (US$ 100), 450 (US$ 150), 600 (US$ 200) or 900 (US$ 300) soles. "Iris Lanao" is requesting a total of 14,500 soles in loans. The loans will be used to buy animals, rice, sugar, sweets, firewood, clothing and grains. Some of the group members dreams are for their children to get an education, to expand their businesses, to get ahead in life and to have all the basic necessities.

Translated from Spanish by Cynthia McMurry, Kiva Fellow

El Banco Comunal Iris Lanao inicia su cuarto ciclo con 23 socias. Todas las socias son del distrito D. Chiara que se encuentra a 1 hora D. la ciudad D. Ayacucho, la población se dedican a la agricultura y crianza D. animales.
Las socias realizan diferentes negocios como la venta D. abarrotes, animales menores, comida, ropa, golosinas, cereales, leña y la agricultura.

Como es el caso D. Gabriela que es casada, tiene 33 años y 2 hijos, Gabriela tiene una tienda en donD. venD. abarrotes, verduras, además se dedica a la agricultura D. maíz, papa que venD. en los mercados D. la ciudad D. Ayacucho.

Por otro lado Rosa es casada, tiene 36 años y 6 hijos, Rosa tiene una tienda en la comunidad D. Kishuar que se encuentra a 30 minutos del distrito, además se dedica a la crianza D. animales y agricultura.

Mientras que Luzmila es conviviente, tiene 26 años y 3 hijos, Luzmila se dedica a la crianza D. cuy, y también compra D. los diferentes pueblos y los venD. en la ciudad D. Ayacucho.

Las socias necesitan diferentes montos D. préstamos, algunos montos son D. 300 soles, 600 soles y 900 soles, haciendo un total D. 14,500 soles D. préstamos en el Banco Comunal. Los préstamos lo invertirán en la compra D. animales, arroz, azúcar, leña, golosinas, ropa y cereales. Los sueños D. las socias son que sus hijos estudien, ampliar su negocio, salir adelante y tener todo lo necesario.

In this group: Juana Gabriela, Rosa, Toribio, Gloria, Julia, Luzmila, Enma Isabel, Aydee, Bernardina, Maura, Adelaida, Maria Julia, Guillerma, Rosa Margot, Juan, Leonidas Teodoro, Gregorio, Florentino, Elsa, Saul, William Wilfredo, Norma, Alejandro

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