A loan of $2,000 helped to purchase mouse feed and equipment that will allow him to scale his operation to meet demand.

Joshua's story

Joshua fondly remembers the first reptile expo he ever attended. It was a whole different world of passionate collectors looking for rare snakes, lizards and even alligators. He watched in amazement as one of these collectors paid a whopping $60,000 for one snake.

“I’ll never forget that moment,” said Joshua.

And he surely never did. That transaction was a seed that propelled him into the world of studying Punnett squares, selectively breeding snakes and raising rats for snake food. He slowly started building up his snake collection, breeding them to get the right mix of recessive genes that gives a snake its value.

Finally, one day in 2012, his father challenged him, saying that if he was going to do the business that he had to go all the way. Up until this point, Joshua had treated his snake farm as a hobby, but this was just the push he needed, and Cyrus Reptiles was born.

Anyone who meets Joshua knows that he is not only passionate about snakes, but that he cares about each and every one he raises. He knows their personalities and preferences, and he gives each snake the individual care and attention it needs to grow into a healthy adult. Furthermore, Joshua prides himself in raising his own rats to feed his snakes live food. This ensures that the snakes are healthy, well-fed and disease-free when sold.

Joshua has built quite a reputation in San Diego as a snake farmer, and the quantities of his orders are increasing. To keep up with his demand, he needs an infusion of capital to enable him to breed more snakes. He will use his Kiva loan to purchase mouse feed and equipment that will ultimately allow him to scale his operation to meet demand.

When Joshua started, he was a one-man show, but slowly his mother, father, wife and even daughter started to join him in his operation. Today, Cyrus Reptiles is truly a family business, and Joshua hope to build a lasting legacy for his family by growing his business to become the premier snake farm on the West Coast.

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