A loan of $9,950 helped to help 50 villagers buy livestock, such as pigs and goats, to raise and sell for a profit.

Tin Son Village's story

Located in Central Myanmar’s YinMarPin township, this community currently has 50 village customers, including 6 CBO (Community Based Organization) committee members who help to lead the loan program in the area. The whole village relies on the water supply from the stream for farming, so farmers will plant crops, such as onions, in ditches near the stream.

The new loan would help borrowers buy small pigs, which each cost $50 and can be resold for $100 after seven or eight months. This additional income would help them save for larger investments, such as buying a cow or small tractor, either of which would dramatically expedite the planting and harvesting processes. Additionally, livestock manure can be used as a natural fertilizer. As farmers in this village grow various crops such as paddy, beans, cotton and onion, they are also planning to use a portion of the loan to buy chickpea, wheat and groundnut seeds to grow during the monsoon season.

Pictured above are the committee members from Tin Son Village CBO: U Chit, U Nyunt, U Mg, U Bo, U Zaw and U Than. Included in the photo (third from the left) is 57-year-old U Chit, who lives with his six family members. He grows groundnuts and potatoes. The new loan will enable him to purchase two small goats for his goat farm.

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Loan details