A loan of $6,500 helped to consolidate two outstanding loans.

Richard's story

Since 1991, Richard has been a driving instructor working to make our roads safe one new driver at a time. He began working as an employee for a large local driving school, but found that while he was focused on imprinting students with the safest possible driving habits, his employers were more focused on extracting payments from their customers as quickly as possible.

After seeing the shortcomings in how others run their businesses, Richard decided it was his time to try to start his own student-centric driving school. His school focused on providing a superlative level of customer service while ensuring that graduates of the program demonstrated the highest level of safety and conscientiousness on the road.

Richard is quick to point out how much harder it would have been to start and maintain his business without his loan from Accion. He used his loan money to consolidate two outstanding loans he had for a total monthly savings of about $500, freeing up crucial capital for business start-up costs.

Richard is keen to see his business grow in the future. He hopes one day to hire additional instructors so that he can service multiple clients simultaneously, and he has an extremely qualified candidate picked out to act as President/CEO once the opportunity is there.

Most of all, Richard wants his business exemplify the driving instruction industry’s best practices. His hopes for the future are to create jobs, take care of students and “pay forward” the opportunity that Kiva lenders have so generously provided him.

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