A loan of $150 helped renting a stone quarry site and digging out stones.

Jiponi's story

Jiponi O. is married with two children and an Acholi by tribe. He was born in Pader district and came to Kampala in October 2002 due to the rebel war which was terrible in that region of Northern Uganda and led to displacement of many people like him. When he came to Kampala, he had to settle in Acholi quarters where most of the displaced Acholi people live.

While in Acholi quarters, he was working as a private security guard with the Hwan Sung company. That job came to an end when the company decided to recruit guards from a security organization. He had nothing to do until he joined the women in the Acholi quarters in making paper beads. That paved way for him to join Life in Africa in September 2006 when there was a position open for a security guard. He worked as a security guard in Life in Africa until February 2007 when he was given a position in a craft production team that earns him a better living.

Since he joined the organization, he has been so helpful to the organization and the other members. Through others members who have acquired this loan, he has seen how a small loan can change someone's life. That has inspired him to also try.

For his plan, he has discovered that building materials like stone are in a higher demand than ever before as there is massive construction and renovation of houses and roads in Kampala to meet the Commonwealth heads of government conference (CHOGM) due November 2007 in Uganda.

The Acholi Quarter is located on a rocky hill, where stone can be easily sourced and laborers who know this work are available. When Jiponi gets this loan, he will begin by paying for the site right away, then hire people to dig out the stones. This may take him about a week. Then he will have the stones moved out of the pit, while those doing the crushing are also doing their part. In a week, the stones will be out, and about one and a quarter deliveries may be ready for sale, making a total of three deliveries per month. This work does not need much supervision, so all measurements and payments of laborers shall be done by him when he gets back home in the evenings.

To make this project successful, he is seeking loan in the amount of 250,000 Uganda shillings (UGX), and he will be able to repay in six months. (1 USD = 1,722 UGX). Jiponi hopes to make a profit of 150,000 UGX per month. Below is his estimated budget:

Hiring a site..........20,000 UGX

Extraction labor.......20,000 UGX per delivery

Porters........... 7,000 UGX per delivery

Crushing labor ........ 32,000 UGX per delivery

Sub-total = 79000 x 3 deliveries..... 237,000 UGX per month

Contingencies ........ 13,000 UGX

Total................250,000 UGX

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