A loan of $1,500 helped to buy knitting machines and parts.

Antonio's story

Antonio has been in the knitting business for almost 10 years. He started his business with just one machine and has managed to grow it to 10. He is asking for a loan so that he can do two different things: buy new parts for the knitting machines he already owns, and to invest in a finer gauge knitting machine.

Most of Antonio's machines are very old. Some are not even in use because so many of the parts are missing or broken. The deteriorating machines make his knitter’s jobs much harder. Garments knit on these machines often come out flawed and are thus rejected, requiring reprocessing. This takes up a lot of his knitter’s time. Getting new parts for his machines will help to improve the quality of his garments and the efficiency of his workshop.

Antonio also needs a loan because he wants to invest in a new, finer gauge knitting machine. His workshop now specializes in thick gauge knits, which limits him to receiving work only for the Fall season when clients request heavier (thicker gauge) garments. Antonio wants to become a complete workshop, offering both thick and thin gauge knits, but o do this, he will need to buy a 7 gauge knitting machine. With this in place he will train the women in his community and at his workshop how to work with finer gauges. Many women come to him now asking for work so they can help support their families. Antonio would like to start training them as soon as possible, but to do so he must first improve his workshop.

Over the years Antonio has received loans and paid all of them back in full and on time. He puts the loan money to good use, creating new opportunities for both his family and for the people in his community. He is a trustworthy workshop leader that continues to look for new ways to grow his business, and is always thankful for the support he has received.

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