A loan of $325 helped pay for another semester of school.

Katherine's story

This is Katherine, who is known for being a simple, direct, mature, charismatic, sensible, fragile, wise, hardworking, responsible, and committed person.

She was born on April 2nd. After her parents got divorced, she and her mother moved to another city (where her family lives). She started to work to support her daughter, who grew more every day. During this time, one of her closest family members, her grandfather, died. Fourteen months later, her uncle died and as a result they had to move to a different house.

Occasionally, her mother had to leave her with friends so she could be taken care of. At one point, they went without seeing each other for a full week due to work. Despite these challenges, Katherine was always an excellent student and did well in school. She also had goals, hopes, and dreams.

Starting a career after 11th grade is everyone's dream. What, where, and how much are the main questions that occupy the thoughts of every student who has only a few months left of high school left.

The inconvenient questions were what and how much, since she only had her mother to support her. At this time, her mother didn't have work or a stable salary. For this reason, El Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (Sena) was a good option. In 10th grade she started a high school class with a contract with Sena. She participated for a few months but wasn't able to finish.

She heard about Campo Alto and planned to do her schooling there. Katherine looked it up online and communicated directly with the institute. They told her about a scholarship that they had at the time and she started school there studying commerce and sales.

Studying in Campo Alto has been a great opportunity not only due to the great education but also because of the work, professional, and above all personal and family life that she enjoyed. One of the reasons she is where she is is because she wants to pay her mother back for her years of support. For this reason, she keeps going every day and works to finish what she has started. She always has new goals to meet, new objectives to focus on, and always has a good attitude about learning more every day.

She started working on the weekends so she could have financial help while studying. There, she learned to get to know people, to listen, to observe, and also to work there and interact with people who had totally different attitudes than hers. It has been an unforgettable experience for her. In addition, with the help of this job, she has been able to pay for both semesters that she has spent at Campo Alto and she only has one semester left. Her current goals include paying for her last semester, paying back her mother, and starting her professional career next year. Not only this, but she wants to learn more every day about people, facts, actions, and attitudes seen and lived. She wants to make every day better than the last.

As she already mentioned, before her payment is due, Kiva would be a great help. She will make the monthly payments by working on the weekends.

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Patrick Bales

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