A loan of $4,100 helped to buy a Sistema Biobolsa biodigester.

Luis Octavio's story

Luis Octavio is an enthusiastic hog farmer from Morelos. His neighbors aren't nearly as excited; Luis Octavio lives in an urban zone and the flies and smells from the abundant manure generated daily are a local nuisance. Luis is investing in a 40 cubic meter Sistema Biobolsa biodigester to treat his hog waste, resulting in multiple benefits. First off, the digester will process the waste, removing odors and resulting in a potent biofertilizer that does not attract flies. Luis Octavio will use the biofertilizer resulting from this process to help improve his crops without having to resort to expensive, fossil-fuel derived agrochemical fertilizers. The other byproduct generated by the biodigester will be a renewable methane-rich biogas - a clean and essentially free energy source. He will use the biogas produced from his pig waste to cook, heat bathwater, and heat water used to clean his animals' pens, allowing him to replace the non-renewable propane he currently uses.

His digester will help him improve his relationship with his neighbors in addition to turning waste into multiple resources, resulting in social and economic improvements. This loan represents 80% of the total loan of his Biobolsa system.

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