A loan of $2,750 helped a member to ask for a loan to buy more sugar in order to reach her customers' demands.

Mrs. Ros Na Village Bank Group's story

The village bank, which is located in Kok Kandal village in Kampong Cham province, consists of twenty-six members who will each use the loan for a different purposes. Mrs. Ros N. is the village bank president and she is a sugar seller in the local village. Her husband, Mr. Chea Nean, collects palm juice to process into palm sugar for his wife to sell. Since Mrs. Ros N.'s consumers are increasing and they have a lot of demand, Mrs. Ros N. decided to ask for a loan to buy more sugar in order to reach her customers' demands.

Mrs. Ros N. is 51 years old and the mother of four children, one of whom is a farmer while two others own a small grocery store in the local market. The youngest one is attending school.

Two men among the three in the photo came to take the loan instead of their wives because they are busy with their work. Mrs. Thuoch C. is the group guarantee and has not asked for a loan, but she is also presented in the picture. The boy who is standing at the back of the photo is one member's sibling.

This is a village bank loan consisting of mainly end-of-term loans. Twelve members have end-of-term loans and the rest have monthly payment loans. These twelve members are not required to pay any principal on the loan until the very end of the loan term. End-of-term (EoT) loans are AMK's main product because they are the most beneficial to Cambodia's poor. It allows them to repay portions of the principal whenever they are financially able to. Most clients start to make payments many months before the end of the loan term. Almost all of AMK's clients make their payments on time. AMK has a delinquency rate of only 0.09% and AMK has a default rate of 0% on Kiva.

In this group: Ros, Chhin, Chum, Mil, Luy, Kheurm, Oeun, Suos, Sath, Im, Vorn, Vorn, Sath, Ket, Yi, Sath, Nou, Vann, Ngim, Bil, Long, Sath, Sok, Bil, Luy, Thuoch

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