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Adilet's story

Adilet is a freshman in the International and Business Law Program. This is his story:

"I decided to apply to the International and Business Law Program because I always felt that I want to help other people learn their rights, and because it is a respected profession in our country. I think it is vital to know our rights because it can assist in the fight against injustice and lawlessness. Unfortunately, Kyrgyzstan is very corrupt and lacks order. It does have laws, but they work ineffectively and a lot of officials in government change and use the law for their own personal purposes. All of these problems have slowly led Kyrgyzstan into total chaos. I am concerned with such troubles, and thus I want to try to change it for the better. It may sound ridiculous, but I really want to influence politics. To achieve my goal I need to become a lawyer to understand the basics of law creation.

I want Kyrgyzstan to prosper and I want to try to stop or at least decrease the level of corruption and lawlessness. If we will not struggle for law and rights, we will end up like Afghanistan or Somalia because the chaos will lead to the destruction of education, economics, government, and finally the country. Kyrgyzstan suffered from two revolutions, and the reason for both of them was that no one, including the leaders, obeyed the law.

That's why I want to study at the International and Business Law Program: to protect my own rights and to help other people to protect theirs. The knowledge of law is one of the keys of survival in our tough world. I also hope that I can use this knowledge to help Kyrgyzstan. Probably it is going to be of little help, but I'll be glad to know that I am doing the right thing."

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