A loan of $3,850 helped a member to buy more vegetables for re-sale.

Mrs. Leak Lim's Village Bank Group's story

This Village Bank which consists of twenty-eight people is located in Khsach Village in Kandal Province. Most of the members are married and they plan to use the loan in different purposes. For instance, Mrs. Leak L. is the village bank president and a vegetable seller in the local market. She will use her share of the loan to buy different kinds of vegetables to re-sell since this business activity is going well. Mrs. Leak L. is a widow with three children who are all employed in Naga Club which is a famous casino in Phnom Penh city, Cambodia. She hopes to increase her income and improve her living conditions with this loan.

This is a village bank loan consisting partly of end-of-term loans. Three members have end-of-term loans and the rest have monthly payment loans. Three members are not required to pay any principal on the loan until the very end of the loan term. End-of-term (EoT) loans are AMK's main product because it is the most beneficial to Cambodia's poor. It allows them to repay portions of the principal whenever they are financially able to. Most clients start to make payments many months before the end of the loan term. Almost all of AMK's clients make their payments on time. AMK has a delinquency rate of only 0.09% and AMK has a default rate of 0% on Kiva.

In this group: Leak, Chmroen, Chhen, Lonh, Phall, Um, Han, Pen, Saom, Teng, Prom, Pech, Prom, Teng, Touch, En, Soen, Soen, Chan, Eam, Ut, Chea, Chit, Sous, Roen, Chaim, Dim, Yem

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