A loan of $1,075 helped to pay for education fees at the vocational school.

Benediktus's story

This is the story of Ferdinandus, son of Benediktus:

My favourite lesson is English because I have a dream to go abroad visiting many foreign countries, especially America. I have a little bit of a problem in adaptation with others because most of my friends are using traditional Javanese language. I am a newcomer in Java, and my origin place is Kalimantan/Borneo Island where the language is different from Java Island. But it’s all right; I feel comfort here since actually they are friendly, and the teachers are nice, too. I joined youth church activity called TERAMO. I am able to manage my time well for both of my school and church activities.The financial condition of my family is not good. My parents are poor, and we also have debt to the bank, so they cannot pay my school fees. Now, I am standing near the “Dropout Gate”. Hopefully, to all generous Kiva lenders, I would like to ask you to help me so that I can carry on my study, and at last I can reach the dream of my life. My hometown is Sajiram. It is geographically hilly, rocky and far from a big city. The job of my father is a government officer. His salary per month is between 1 – 3 million rupiahs. The number of children in the family is four, including me. Their ages are 7 years, 11 years, 13 years and 17 years old.If I am given the Kiva loan from lenders, I will spend it to pay my school fees. At school, I learn many lessons, for example, English, computer and networking (my vocational majority), chemistry, math, Indonesian language and so on. I chose the computer and networking because I am interested in computers; computers are unseparated things from the world and human life. Besides that, I want to be a computer expert.After graduation, I want to get a job in a foreign company. (There are) some fun (parts) about school, such as having new friends and sharing each other.
In the picture, Ferdinandus and Benediktus his father.

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