A loan of $5,450 helped to rent a studio in order to charge bands for his services and facilities.

Adam's story

For many years, Adam worked with musicians and companies recording and producing music and music videos and advertisements. Recently, he decided to go into business for himself and created Reanimator Media, a media company out of his new residence, Houston, Texas. Originally from Los Angeles, Calif., Adam works with one of the top acting agencies, which he says allows him to network with more musicians, actors and people they know.

At 25 years of age, Adam says he can’t say exactly how many artists he’s worked with throughout the entire span of his business, but he says he’s worked with at least 20 bands within the past 12 months. “I’ve been doing this for a long time and recently decided to make it a full-time deal,” he says. And since he is new to having a registered business, Adam had to learn how to obtain more capital.

While doing an online search for lenders, he found nonprofit microlender, Accion Texas Inc. Once he applied and was approved, he was able to rent a studio, pay monthly fees and charge other bands for his services and facilities. Before the Accion loan, Adam was paying studio fees by the amount of time spent;, and the fees quickly added up. But his Accion venture will save the business money, which could be used on Adam’s one full-time employee, or anywhere else.

Adam’s business, however, isn’t just for musicians looking to record their latest album. Adam’s skills allow him to manage sound and lighting equipment for live shows, and his networking skills allow him to always stay employed. He says since he’s worked with many other artists, bands are learning the name Reanimator Media and are seeking him when they need to rent equipment.

Adam has plans to market his business through a clothing line named Occeus Couture. Accompanying Occeus’ owner, their main designer will travel from Florida to Houston to open a new store. And to promote their upcoming grand opening, Reanimator was hired to complete marketing projects. Adam says this will help both businesses. The campaign will try to show other companies that his business doesn’t work solely with bands, but with major companies as well. To learn more, check out Reanimator Media’s Facebook page for upcoming events and Adam’s latest information: https://www.facebook.com/#!/ReanimatorMedia/.

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