A loan of $2,450 helped to pay for a maize milling machine.

Terry's story

Terry, 51, is an experienced farmer and shop owner, with a family of twelve from the farming area of Chibombo District, Zambia. She is asking for a Kiva loan to buy a maize milling machine so that she can provide a milling service to over 300 families in her community.

The maize milling machine takes raw maize (corn) and creates a maize flour which is the staple food in Zambia. Most families in Chibombo District grow maize on their small farms and store it and use it as their primary supply of food for the year. After the kernels are removed from the cob, they then have to be milled to create a flour, which can then be boiled to make what is locally called Nshima. Terry is already operating a small shop in the community and wants to expand by adding the maize mill as a service.

Rent-to-Own has done market research in her community and has determined that the location for this equipment is ideal. The closest maize mill is 11km away from Terry, but it is currently not functional. This means most clients have to travel more than 15km to a roadside community, and since most clients walk or use their bicycles to travel to the maize mill, it is certain they will prefer to use this maize mill rather than traveling a longer distance.

Equipment such as a maize mill can be a major boost for many business women such as Terry, as it allows for her to diversify her business. Unfortunately, the upfront costs of such a maize mill can be very prohibitive. Once she secures a loan, Terry will be able to get a maize mill from Rent-to-Own, which will deliver the equipment to her farm, as well as provide training on how to use and maintain it. With a maize mill, Terry can continue to build her business and better serve her community.

This loan will help Terry on the long road to building up her viable businesses that can provide for her and her family throughout the year. It is for this reason Terry is asking Kiva lenders to help her with the loan so that she can secure a maize mill as soon as possible.

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