A loan of $4,500 helped to cover the registration fees for her medical studies and books.

Escolastica Massiel's story

Escolástica is a young medical student who is asking for a loan in order to be able to finish her studies. This is her story: Hello my name is Massiel. I am 24 years old. I currently live in Altos de Rafey with a family member, since I am not from this city. Sometimes I find myself forced to move constantly because I am not from Santiago and I do not have immediate family members here. I was born and raised in the town of Altamira, Puerto Plata. I grew up there with my parents and went to primary school in a small little school, which was a little far away from me and I had to walk, but I went very happily because I have always liked to study.

My father is a farmer. He loves to work the land. This is his passion and our means of support, while my mother takes care of the home and the family.

I am pursuing my studies in medicine at the Santiago University of Technology (UTESA).

When I was young, I liked to take care of the animals, and when it rained, I would go take care of them and cover them from the rain and there one day lying in my bed I asked myself how I could help others and I remembered those white lab coats I saw when I went to the rural hospital. Those people who were at the service of the people, helping, and in that bed I said to myself I am going to be a doctor.

I like the career of medicine for the following reasons:

Because I love the study of life and the way I can help people to prevent, to maintain and restore their health, because I want to help people who suffer, who are in pain and who find themselves desperate for a helping hand, because helping people gives me immense satisfaction and I think that God sends each person to earth with a mission and gives a skill and a virtue to each one and I have found mine.

Day by day I want to improve it because I feel that with my effort, my devotion, and my dedication I can do a lot and that God will use me as an instrument to reach those who are fighting to live and to combat a disease and that they have a future ahead of them.

I need the help of this loan because I come from a family with few resources, so it is difficult for them to pay for my studies, and with this loan I would do better, because I would be able to take a greater number of subjects and there would not be any limitations. Without receiving this loan, I would continue fighting for my dream; I know that it would take me more time, but I refuse to give up. This loan would affect my life in a positive way, because it would bring me to the place I want to be, my goal, my dream, and I would do it in a faster, continuous, and secure way.

My academic goals are: to do well academically, to learn for my life and my profession and not for the moment. Once I finish at the University my vision is to be a specialist and a brilliant physician who does her work well and cares about her patients.

Regarding my family and personal life:

I want to help my family so that they can enjoy the best quality of life. I believe in family and love, so I would like to have my own family and be an example to follow in it, to let the town know that someone ordinary like me can with courage and passion achieve what nobody was able to imagine – that I would be a doctor.

When I finish my studies:

I want to specialize in general surgery, have my office to work in, pay my debts, improve my quality of life and help all the people who need me. I want to do medical clinics so that people with few resources can come in and have office visits and medicines.

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Karen Monat

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