A loan of $2,100 helped a member to rent a larger plot of land for sand-sieving purposes for a bigger income.

Malom Panthoibi Shg Group's story

"At work, you think of the children you have left at home. At home, you think of the work you've left unfinished. Such a struggle is unleashed within yourself and your heart is rent," says Ibemcha, who is the featured borrower member of the Malom Panthoibi SHG Group.

Her life moved fast with an early marriage, and her husband left this world, leaving behind three kids in Ibemcha’s hands. Her husband used to be a quarry labourer during his time, which Ibemcha continues after her husband died. She is illiterate, and that paralyzes her to get a job but earned through hard manual work. She tried all possible means to manage her family’s financial expenses. She ploughs at others' farms and weaves to generate income, so that she could send her three kids to school and let them finish their education. That was her husband’s wish, and she is determined to fulfill it against all odds.

Ibemcha makes her living by working on the river bank, where she sieves sand, stones and pebbles. She usually works as a paid labourer and is paid only the labour charge. After she joined the group and availed a loan, she could contribute a share to rent land, although it was small in size. She started earning more with the surplus income after selling the sand, pebbles, soil and stones from the rented land. She purchased school uniforms, and gave admission fees and school fees, and also manages the family expenses.

During the rainy season, she weaves all types of traditional attire for both men and women, and sells the finished products for profit to the women vendors in the city market. With the small profit, she could do some savings and also managed to join a savings group. Her one wish was fulfilled after the inception of the group’s formation, and she could have a share in the group savings.

With the Kiva loan, Ibemcha is planning to contribute a share to rent a bigger plot of land for quarry purposes. She and her group decided to use the loan and their savings to rent a bigger plot of land for the said purpose. She said that just the loan is not sufficient because they require small and large cranes to excavate the land for sieving purposes. Therefore, they will utilize the group savings for a better outcome.

Her dream is to let all her three children complete their education and get a job on their own.

The rest of the group members are also quarry labourers and engage themselves in weaving and tailoring when they don’t work at the quarry sites.

Ibemcha thanked Kiva and WSDS for the help, and wishes them good luck, happiness and prosperity.

In this group: Tilo, Ibemcha, Hemapati, Piyo, Jamini, Manglembi, Ngangbiton, Thoinu, Sanatombi

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