A loan of $150 helped to buy farming equipment.

Fako Bakary's story

Fakô Bakary is a farmer in Bougoula Village. He is 67 years old, married and has 9 children. He is a 1st year farmer with myAgro and plants maize. Fakô Bakary would like to take a loan for a semoir, which is a local seeding machine that has 2 boxes: one for seed and one for fertilizer. The semoir is attached to a cow that will pull the semoir along the field, and there are diggers and a pipe behind each box that will place the correct amount of seed and fertilizer the right distance apart. This enables farmers to plant using the micro-dosing method of planting – using a small amount of fertilizer per plant instead of the traditional method of broadcasting fertilizer. This is less expensive since it uses less fertilizer and is much better for land sustainability as well. myAgro hopes that by providing the semoir on loan, Fakô Bakary will be able to increase the amount of land he plants using the micro-dosing method and significantly increase his farm income.

Fakô Bakary would like a semoir because it will help him plant using the micro-dosing method and enable him to plant larger land sizes with better harvests. Before, Fakô Bakary hand-planted manually which was time-consuming and made it difficult to grow enough food to meet the needs of his family. Fakô Bakary’s goals are to to have a good harvest and be able to take care of his family's needs. He hopes that one day he'll be able to take out a loan for a tractor. Fakô Bakary will also be able to rent his semoir to others to earn extra income. All semoirs are covered by a 2-year guarantee that covers most repairs within a 1-week time period.

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