A loan of $1,175 helped to facilitate Biogas Construction.

Mary's story

Mary is a mother of three living in central Kenya. All of her children are in primary school and depend on her for all their needs. To care for them, she practices farming as her source of income. She has five dairy cows, three of which she milks to get approximately 30 liters of milk that she sells to a local hotel for 25 US cents per liter. She also rears pigs which she is able to sell after their maturity period of 6 months at about $470 US per pig, making a profit margin of around $82. Currently she has 3 piglets to be sold in December.

Income from her farming work is shared among her many responsibilities, and the money is often not enough to cover her needs. To save on some of her expenses, VEP officials advised her to have a biodigester installed to cut down on the cost of fuel. With a biodigester she would have sufficient fuel for cooking and lighting, hence replacing her kerosene lantern with clean, free energy. This will allow her to save the money previously spent on charcoal and firewood and use it to finance other needs.

Every month, Mary spends at least $35 US on kerosene and $17.50 US on charcoal, without accounting for the long hours spent walking to the forest every week to collect firewood. All of this will be saved by having a biodigester at her homestead. Additionally, with the organic bioslurry from the biodigester, she can practice organic agriculture through composting and this will also save her from buying fertilizers. Her crop yield will surely increase and never will she suffer from food insecurity. In fact, her harvest will increase and enable her to sell some crops to create a new channel of income.

With this in mind, VEP has financed her this loan to be repaid in 24 months, and confidently believe it will be repaid promptly as her savings increase.

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