A loan of $10,000 helped to purchase more inventory to make surfboards for girls.

Lola's story

From the time Lola started surfing, she knew she had a passion for the sport and culture. Although most surfers were men, Lola embraced being a female surfer. As she began surfing more, she found that the typical surfboard just didn’t meet the needs of a female surfer, and that the regular boards were bulky and difficult to manage. She began to order custom-shaped boards that worked better for her body.

Lola quickly learned that she was not alone and that many other female surfers wanted a surfboard more proportional to their build. Girls at the beach kept asking her how to get a board like hers—sometimes literally buying the board out from under her arm. Lola saw that many girls needed boards made just for them and had the idea for her business, Chick Sticks, a company specifically dedicated to providing surfboards and gear just for girls.

Lola quit her job as a realtor and put all of her savings towards opening her shop. Since then, she’s expanded to a second factory location where her team of employees cut, shape, paint and glass the boards in-house.

What sets Chick Sticks apart is Lola’s energy, creativity and commitment to empowering young girls. Before being painted, each board receives a special message of encouragement from Lola herself. Lola also sponsors a surfing team of over 20 girls, providing boards and gear to many who would be unable to afford to compete.

With this Kiva loan, Lola will be able to purchase new stock and inventory so she can work ahead of the influx of orders she receives for custom boards. Lola will also be able to embark on her new line of athletic wear for girls, which will provide them with surfing wear and gear designed specifically with their needs in mind. With this new growth, Lola hopes to share her message of empowerment to girls who surf and skate alongside the best of the boys.

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