A loan of $600 helped to buy fertilizers, seeds, and agricultural technologies to increase maize yields.

Yakubu's story

Yakubu is a 40 year old husband and father of seven who works on his small maize farm in Katsinawa Naakune village. Yakubu appreciates the training and education he has received from Babban Gona and wants to apply it to his farm in order to increase his profits and turn his farm into a business that can support his entire family. By receiving a Babban Gona loan, Yakubu has the opportunity to reap yields three times as high as the national average and earn at least three times as much as the average Nigerian farmer. A Babban Gona loan will provide Yakubu with the fertilizers and seeds he needs to produce a better yield from his maize farm; technologies to eliminate toxins from his maize and the means to store his crops as well as the ability to sell them at a premium market price.

Like any good father, Yakubu’s main priority is how to best improve the lives of his children and he wants to use the profits from his farm to help support the futures of his three oldest, Tabitha, Salome and Yosia, who want to study medicine, business and acting. Yakubu’s ultimate goal is to fully mechanize his farm so as to alleviate the burden of manual farming on his family to allow his children to focus solely on their education and to follow their dreams.

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