A loan of $1,250 helped invest in raw materials to ensure steady income and create a more stable life for her family.

Anong's story

Anong is a model of perseverance and good humor. Although she has seen the difficult side of life up close, she continues to keep her spirits high and to believe that brighter days are ahead.

Anong is a mother, wife and member of the close-knit Mlabri tribe in rural northern Thailand. Although she now lives in the Ban Boonyuen Village with many of her fellow Mlabri, she spent years without stability. Like many of her fellow Mlabri, Anong was forced into indentured servitude as a field laborer working in slash & burn agriculture. She and her family worked in back-breaking toxic farming in order to pay off a never-ending cycle of debt to stronger clans.

For Anong and the rest of the Mlabri, the past decades have been full of heartbreak, tragedy and incredible perseverance. The gentle Mlabri once lived a peaceful lifestyle as migrant hunter & gatherers, but the teak deforestation and guerrilla warfare of the late 20th century destroyed their lifestyle forever. Impoverished, enslaved and malnourished, the tribe lost most of its members to malaria and other illnesses- with just 300 members left in the world, the Mlabri are listed on UNESCO’s “endangered languages” list.

Hammock weaving is the first proven path for Anong and her fellow Mlabri artisans to break free of the cycle of debt and servitude. Although she is a skilled artisan weaver, she has often been pulled back into the fields when there were not enough hammock orders. Raising three children while moving from place to place in the slash & burn fields has been daunting, and she is very excited to use this loan to create a more stable life for her children and begin to save for the future.

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