A loan of $5,125 helped to market his business and purchase a voice-to-text system.

Hector Homero's story

Since his previous Accion Texas Inc. loan in January, Hector Homero says his business matured. Working with surrounding El Paso business owners to produce positive results, the Hispanic entrepreneurship instructor, business coach, CEO and founder of Ascend: Entrepreneurial Growth says the recipe for a good business is a good theory and process. This year, Hector Homero refined his process leading to business maturity.

“This year, I’ve nailed that down better and have seen results,” he says, defining theory as the idea and the value of business structure, which differs between entrepreneurs. “I see the results clearer and more predictable now than last year,” he says. Hector Homero added he’s also learned, when focusing on the structure of the business, he can help an entrepreneur find the root of an issue then produce a quick solution. Hector Homero says he of course wants to guide his clients “through the long haul,” but his clientele doesn’t always stay past the beginning stages.

In his last interview, Hector Homero stated, “89 percent of small business owners in Texas are sole proprietors,” leaving them with 100 percent of the job obligations. This statistic still holds true. As a sole proprietor himself, Hector Homero says he needs to improve his business before hiring, though he needs help now. “The idea is to grow,” he says. “Business growth is economic growth to the community,” however, it is a challenge to obtain, he says. Currently, Hector Homero offers one-on-one sessions which he then merges into round-table learning sessions he says helps clients network.

This is Hector Homero’s third loan with micro-lender Accion Texas. He says, “Accion has helped me make the next step, it’s not a big one, but it’s one I need. I like Accion a lot. What I’m trying to do now, what I would like to be able to do, is get my business to pay off this loan and strategize a larger loan to get my business to the next level. Accion has become a part of my growth plan.”

His latest loan is to market his business and update software. Hector Homero purchased a Nuance program called Dragon Naturally Speaking, which transcribes voice to text and helps him cut the hour of work he normally takes to manually transcribe every meeting’s notes and track a client’s progress. “Everything I do now is the hard way; I need to be more efficient,” he says. “I need to work on my web page to where it works for me.” Hector Homero says to better his site, it would take the creation of more resources and a newsletter to draw people to the site.

To find out more about Hector Homero and his business, visit his website at: http://www.ascendeg.com. To view interviews with major corporation heads, visit heho.utep.edu.

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