A loan of $4,300 helped to improve his family's house (by thickening the walls) and to both protect his car and cut down on his family's reliance on charcoal (by building a garage).

Purevjil's story

Mr. Purevjil is a 50-year-old man living with his family in their small wooden house in Kherlen, the third largest city in Mongolia. He built his house with wood many years ago. Because the house is old and has thin walls, his family uses a large amount of charcoal to heat their house compared with other households in the area.

Since 2003 he has been working as a taxi-driver; his wife doesn’t have a job. During the winter months, he sometimes goes to the countryside to buy meat from herders, which he sells at a local market for profits. Purevjil explains that he cares for his car as if the car was a member of his family, in large part because it is the only piece of equipment they own which brings income to their family. His family would face many challenges if the car were to break down.

Starting this year, he needs to earn more income because his older son will begin his studies at a university located in Ulaanbaatar, the capital. Plus, his younger son studies at a local school.

Therefore, Purevijl is seeking a loan, before the winter begins, to work on his house and to better protect his car from the elements. Specifically, Purevjil is planning to use the loan proceeds to thicken his house's walls and to build a garage for his car. He would build the garage on one side of the house, which ought to cut down on his family's charcoal usage (and prevent or at least delay the car’s breakdown). By taking these steps, he will be able to improve his family's living conditions.

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